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should i be worried...or should you? [Jul. 25th, 2007|01:52 am]

According to experts, my personality type is :
Border Line Psycho Killer
Ink Blot Personality TestOther people like me display these traits.
  • They are great kissers
  • They have been abducted by aliens
  • They are scared of clowns
  • They voted for bush
  • Take the Ink Blot Personality Quiz at JokesUnlimited.com
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    stupid quiz results [Jul. 23rd, 2007|04:18 pm]
    You paid attention during 80% of high school!

    68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

    Do you deserve your high school diploma?
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    huzzah super villains [Mar. 6th, 2007|09:02 pm]
    [mood |amusedamused]

    Your results:
    You are Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy
    Dark Phoenix
    Dr. Doom
    The Joker
    Lex Luthor
    Mr. Freeze
    Green Goblin
    You would go to almost any length for the protection of the environment including manipulation and elimination.

    Click here to take the "Which Super Villain am I?" quiz...

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    Holy flying toasters Batman! [Mar. 3rd, 2007|02:40 am]
    [mood |contentcontent]

    Yesterday, March 2nd, Aernk and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary without even knowing it!!! 5 years ago we were standing on a dance floor in Newton South high, after an exhilarating round of Drama Fest performances, introducing ourselves to one another for the very first time. For five years we've stayed together through all the ups and downs life could throw at us, which brings us to this wonderful moment today. This past weekend had been the very example of the highest highs and the lowest lows but the past three days have been utterly magical, almost as though we were getting to know each other again for the first time but better.

    I was supposed to go to New York this weekend to visit my other pet, the lovely Gil. I received a phone call from him this Wednesday, however, in which he adorably told me the story of his discovery that he has a math midterm next week. I quickly realized, however, that even the evils of calculus can play a part in fate every so often. There was definitely a reason for this delay, though I didn't entirely understand it yet.

    For the first couple of days Aernk and I just lay about snuggling and reconnecting but all day there has been a feeling that we were celebrating something special...but when our friend Chris came to the door to deliver our pizza this evening we knew for sure that something strange was in the air. Not only do we never have pizza delivered to my mother's house, we had no idea Chris even worked as a delivery boy. We hugged our pizza delivery boy goodbye and settled down to watch cartoon vampires on the TV, which was lovely, still unsuspecting of the true nature of the day.

    It wasn't until two o' clock this morning when Aernk explained to our dear friend Elyssa that we'd have been together for five years this...March...that we realized what month it is! All day we've been talking about getting married and picking out baby names only to realize that we were fated to celebrate this day together for a very special reason ;} I think we may have to go consummate our anniversary with some whipped cream if I'm not still too sore from last weekend, which is a good possibility. I really hope I hear from my other pet soon cause I've been desperately worried for him all night and he won't return our calls but right now I am desperately happy realizing what all this insanity has been building up to. As a side note, however, Aernk has agreed to marry Gil if it means keeping him in the country, which would be a source of constant amusement forever and ever. lol.

    I just can't stop thinking about the wonders which the future holds and grinning because for the first time I finally know that everything really will come together in the end as a beautiful mess of love and adventure. It seems that every time my life takes a turn for the unconventional or something no one believes will ever work out, things only get better and better. I finally know that I have a partner and a best friend, both of whom are committed to making our wildest fantasies come true and I to them and things feel fantabulous ;} Even though things may seem impossible sometimes, I know without a doubt that everthing will work out for us in the end...if I don't wind up destroying Aernk's soul.
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    Flying Toasters are the man... [Feb. 20th, 2007|05:21 pm]
    [mood |determineddetermined]

    I think that if I could be any inanimate object it would be a flying toaster.
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    Blue Skies [Jan. 23rd, 2007|03:25 am]
    [mood |happyhappy]

    This will have been my first Livejournal post in what must be quite a long time. My life had begun to feel so bleak, such a drizzly void, that I found myself only able to write about how miserable things had become. Happiness seemed but a faint glimmer left over from childhood and though there were still many things left in my life to bring me contentment each day was nevertheless empty. Thus, I stopped writing altogether and vowed that I would wait until I could find something optimistic to write about instead of just sorting my life out. Well, here it is, the amazing transformation which I had begun to think would never occur...

    a deeper look into Emily's mixed-up lifeCollapse )

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    Yay! I always knew I'm really a cat goddess! [Dec. 19th, 2006|11:04 am]


    You look for balance and harmony, anxious, devoted. Often rash and impatient.

    Colors: male: yellow ochre, female: grey
    Compatible Signs:
    Sekhmet, Horus
    Jul 14 - Jul 28, Sep 23 - Sep 27, Oct 3 - Oct 17

    Role: Goddess of cats, women, and secrets
    Cat or cat-headed woman
    Sacred animals:

    What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
    Designed by CyberWarlock of Warlock's Quizzles and Quandaries

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    WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! [Nov. 17th, 2006|03:54 pm]
    READ YE, READ YE! MIGHT OF THE TRANSIT EMPLOYEE, the 3min. video we made in 24 hours for Apple's Insomnia film Festival is now on Apple's contest gallery and we need YOUR HELP to make it to the top! Basically we need to accumulate as many votes as possible before the close of voting on December 2nd. The Apple folks were late in getting our project posted, and we're already up against a pretty fierce competition (some projects already have 1,000+ votes) but I have confidence that we can make it. If we can at least make it to the top 25 most voted movies, our project will be eligible for judging. Here are the details on how you can help.

    You're going to need an Apple account before you can vote. Registering is real simple and free.

    To sign up an account:

    To see and vote for our project:

    Remember our project is called MIGHT OF THE TRANSIT EMPLOYEE. There is an icon of fairy eyes attached to the project. To vote, look in the upper right hand corner of the page and select the "4 stars--Excellent" option. Then click the arrow to the right for the vote to go through. Please get as many friends and family members as you can to help. Really spread the word and the link around; every vote helps! THANKS YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

    ~Emily ;}
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    Stupid Quiz Yay!!! [Nov. 14th, 2006|11:16 am]
    You scored as Miyamoto Musashi. You're considered a sword saint, whatever the fuck that is. You don't give two hoots what weapon or tact people come at you with, as your solution is a steady grip on a sharp blade and it tends to work.

    You're never going to be defeated in battle, but you are going to die of Cancer.


    Miyamoto Musashi


    C.G. Jung


    Friedrich Nietzsche


    Steven Morrissey


    Dante Alighieri


    Sigmund Freud


    Elvis Presley


    Jesus Christ


    Charles Manson


    Stephen Hawking


    Adolf Hitler


    O.J. Simpson


    Mother Teresa


    Hugh Hefner


    What Pseudo Historical Figure Best Suits You?
    created with QuizFarm.com
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    Friends [Oct. 24th, 2006|03:02 am]
    I have just come to the strange realization that some of the people I like most in the world may be better friends with those who hate me and have made my life miserable than they are with me. I never seem to know when people I love are entranced by those who are destined to be negative forces in my life. Then, as soon as I thought I was rid of them, they seem to creep up all over again. I feel as though I have been in hybernation for a long long time and am only just waking up. I have been quickly drifting away from those people I thought I would someday be good friends with and I feel as though I'm just a ghost. The preferences of those I befriend reflect little upon my own immediate reality but it still seems as though there are sparse few who understand what I have really gone through and what I feel. I wish I could just pick up the phone and find life anew but I'm not even sure who I am anymore, where I fit into their lives. As my life changes around me and I am pushed into new and unknown territories I fear I will only alter further until I am swept from existence. Whether new friends or old, am I really there to them? How can they not see the evil than I have been unwillingly privy to? As the winter chill sets in, the bleak coldness of empty space seems to engulf me and I am surrounded by mocking laughter rather than compassionate hands. Everywhere I look more enemies seem to unfold from the shadows. I try so hard to be true to myself and not to fear compassion but still all I seem to get in return is blind hatred. When will I be accepted? When will humans learn to be more empathetic?
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